GTA Online Hugely Successful For Rockstar And Take Two


According to Twitter user Danial Ahmad who is an analyst for Niko partners, GTA online has some jaw dropping sales figures. In the Twitter post he has outlined the fact that GTA online has earned nearly $700 million in the past 12 months. Which are phenomenal figures considering the fact that the game was not re-released in the 12 month period. Check out the post attached below.


Earlier this year it was revealed that GTA online revenue had touched $500 million mark through micro transactions. The reveal was made during a lawsuit filed by former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzes, According to the Lawsuit: “the purchases made in the game through micro-transactions have a nearly 100% profit margin, subject only to nominal development costs and app store commissions”.


Hence it appears in only two months’ time Rockstar has managed to earn somewhere in excess of $200 million, which is a stellar, figure my any imagination. Let us know what you think about this development by commenting in the comments section below.