Green Lanterns Post Credit Scene Was Omitted From Justice League

Green Lantern Justice League


Critics are severely criticizing the Justice League movie. The movie has an overall rating of below 40%.Moreover, Justice League has the lowest opening in the domestic box office for a DCEU movie. At the same time fans have been a tad bit disappointed that the Green lantern Corps did not make an appearance in the movie and it lacked an element of surprise to it.

Warner Bros and DC are feeling the pressure after critics have perhaps harshly given a below par rating to Justice League. The critics feel that the entertainment company rushed into things bringing in too many characters together. On the contrary fans feel that the movie lacked the original founding member of the Justice League team. However most fans have praised the movie and have understood that perhaps Snyder’s replacement Joss Whedon did have a lot on his plate and did the best possible job that he could in the time that he had.

In the original comics, Hal Jordon aka Green Lantern plays an important role in forming the team. Bruce Wayne or Batman on the contrary is someone who likes to work alone and doesn’t seem like someone interested in forming a team to avenge the world. This deviation from the original story lines left many fans furious.  Although Gal Gadot (Wonder women discussed on how Green Lanterns fought Steppenwolf’s army of Parademons, they were portrayed as secondary characters and not part and parcel of the central plot.

Though it could all have been so very different. According to some reports by Reddit Green Lanterns, Kilowag and Tomar Re were supposed to visit Bruce Wayne in the post credit scenes, but the idea was later scrapped and replaced. Fans will now have to wait till 2020 to get a glimpse at the Green Lanterns Corps , as the titular film of the same name comes out in that year.

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