Rumor: Two Green Lanterns Will Be Appearing In The Upcoming Justice League Movie

Green Lantern Justice League


2017 is a big year for DC and Warner Bros. After their success with Wonder Women, the entertainment company would launch its main project in November this year. That’s right folks the much awaited Justice League will be coming to the big screen soon.

After the events of Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice, Superman loses his life while saving the Earth from Doomsday. Batman (Ben Affleck) after meeting the Flash from the future goes on to assemble of the world’s finest super heroes. Wonder Women who appeared for the first time on screen in her solo movie would also be collaborating with Batman.

In the trailers we have seen that Flash’s message from the future to the Batman would come true and the Earth would be invaded by an external threat. In the trailer it was mentioned that the Earth had no Lanterns and Kryptonian. But the question is whether the statement is true or not.

According to Umberto Gonzalez, the movie would involve two Lanterns. What is so surprising is Whedon’s claim that the Lanters wont be familiar faces. The movie trailer carefully depicts and positions its product in the minds of the consumers in a way that fans would expect Lanterns to not make appearances. However, the reports and rumors state otherwise.

When we talk about Green Lanterns there are two characters that come to the mind. Hal Jordan and John Stewart . Umberto Gonzalez from the Wrap and Heroic Hollywood  made these claims , and although we cannot say with certainty that will be the case, it does offer an extremely interesting premise for DC’s Cinematic Universe’s future.

However the identity of those Green Lanterns is an utter mystery, but if I had to go with a guess I would say that they would be John Stewart and Hal Jordan. Also the appearance of the two lanterns also makes sense because the Green Lantern Corps movie is all set for release in 2020. Hence this would be a good cameo appearance for future DC projects.