Gravity Rush 2 Dev: Gravity Rush 3 Might Be Available On A New Console


Gravity Rush 2 will make a big appearance solely on PlayStation 4 in Europe, with a North American and British release  booked for this Friday.

The Game Director Keiichiro Toyama, known for his work on Silent Hill and Siren, was highlighted in the interview in the most recent issue of the well-known Famitsu magazine. A few of those were interpreted by BlackKite on Twitter.

In any case, Toyama expressed that he’d need to attempt new things in a potential third segment, with new components accessible in another console altogether. This is by all accounts a clue that we may not see Gravity Rush 3 preceding PlayStation 5 hits the market, presumably a couple of years from now.

Toyama talking about Gravity Rush sequel after the second one

In relation to his next game, he said that it would have a complete different feel from the initial franchise:


Much the same as its antecedent, Gravity Rush 2 was produced by Sony Japan Studio and Project Siren. Gravity Rush 2 gets where the first (initially created for the PS Vita) left off, with Kat returning as a hero.

On account of the emphasis on PlayStation 4 equipment, the diversion world will be much bigger – around over two circumstances bigger than in the principal Gravity Rush. Life span is additionally anticipated that would be more than sufficient since Gravity Rush 2 ought to keep players occupied for a normal of twenty to forty gameplay hours relying upon what number of side missions they partake in.