Google Survey Ranked PlayStation And Xbox As “Cool” Brands , But How Did They Fare Against Each Other?


A Google survey may just have given more fodder to the never ending console wars.The console wars in its latest incarnation have seen the PS4 and Xbox One go head to head with each other for the past couple of years or so. With many fans of the respective console arguing about the features which make them great with PS4 probably winning the exclusives race , and Xbox One carving out a name for itself with the Backwards Compatibility feature.

However Google recently conducted a survey which sought to determine which gaming brand overall was perceived to be “cooler” . The survey titled It’s Lit  compared data from Generation Z (described as  13-17 as per survey)  and Millennials (18-24 as per survey) .

The results of the survey sees tech giants YouTube, Netflix and Google rank head and shoulders above everyone else, while the study also looks at many different non-gaming aspects and ranks brands on their awareness and coolness it makes for a very interesting read. The good news is that both the Xbox and the PlayStation  brand performed very well overall being among the coolest and the most recognized names out there. However there are some interesting variations to the whole thing.

Xbox narrowly edged out PlayStation when it came to Gen-Z respondents (13-17) , and PlayStation narrowly edged out Xbox when it came to Millennials (18-24).  And Nintendo lagged behind its two competitors on the “coolness” scale . However the data collected was during the periods of Spring and Summer 2016. So it will be interesting to see if this perception has since changed after Nintendo launched its hybrid console Nintendo Switch?

In conclusion  gamers have come a long way from being stereotyped as nerds and geeks, and its encouraging to see that gaming and gaming brands are now amongst the top when it comes to the media and entertainment industry.

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