God Of War’s Release Date Potentially Leaked By PS Store

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With PlayStation Experience right around the corner fans are expecting a ton of announcements to be headed their way. Once such announcement is bound to be God Of War’s release date.

We might have some good news for you though. God Of War’s release date was perhaps leaked on the Playstation Store’s Product Page. Keen eyed observer Wario64 observed noticed that God Of War was scheduled for release on 22 March 2018.










As you can see  in the image above God of War’s release date is there to see for all on the game’s PS Store page. Since there is no official announcement though treat this piece of news as only a rumor for now. Though it does seem like someone jumped the gun on the reveal.

Since then the page now sports  a release date of 31st December 2018 , which is undoubtedly a place holder and further confirms that this might have indeed been a genuine human error.

What’s interesting to note is that the original God Of War came out on 22nd March 2005, so it would be exactly 13 years after the original that the latest title in the God of War franchise is going to be released.

The upcoming God of War was announced in E3 2016 revealing its change of pace and leaving the world of Greek Mythology for  Norse Mythological land, but after that we haven’t really gotten any news on the game. In fact it was a no show at last years PSX as well.

SIE Santa Monica’s Cory Barlog has already touched upon how the game is going to differ from his predecessors and how Kratos’s son Atreus will be much more than just a side kick in the game.

I for one can’t wait for the games release . Lets hope we get some more info and a release date for God Of War at PSX 2017.