God Of War: Kratos’s Past Will Still Nip At His Heels In The Game’s Story

Kratos god of war


The new God Of War will be a welcome addition to the franchise, and initial impressions suggest that it will be an interesting new take on Kratos’s story.

From what we have previously seen Kratos God Of War adventures have usually been filled with rage , and it has been one of the most important components in the franchise. Many of us were wondering if the introduction of Atreus Kratos’s biological son would mean an entirely new beginning . However that might not necessarily be the case, as recently during a behind closed doors discussion the game’s director Cory Barlog confirmed that Kratos’s past will still be nipping at his heels.

“Some of the themes we’re talking about here is that you can’t run away from everything. It’s always there. What he has always done is run away. He’s always been this embodiment of rage who just tears people apart but, interestingly, beneath all of that bravado and strength is also fear. He is running away, he is trying to deflect and he is trying to blame others. But it’s fascinating to see what somebody does when they stop running, they turn around and they face it. That’s hard, right? It’s an internal struggle, not a physical struggle. It’s not something that Kratos can punch…I think the untouched humanity that is his son, I think that is his reason for wanting to change. But the past will always resurface.”

It will be interesting to see how the story pans out , and how Kratos’s past has been incorporated in the game. One thing is for sure though the series is headed in an exciting new direction, and I for one cant wait to see how Kratos’s God Of War story proceeds further.

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