God Of War 4 Could Be The Beginning Of A New Saga Says Dev

Kratos god of war

One of the most highly anticipated games currently is God Of War 4 which will feature a returning Kratos in all his glory , along with the addition of his son. We will see the bald headed badass head into a Nordic based setting waiting to face unknown threats.

The games director Corey Barlog, who incidentally was also the director for God Of War 2 , has been answering fan queries on twitter , and it appears that he indicated that Kratos’s return will mark the beginning of a brand new saga.


He also commented that the game has been in development for over 3 years and that the game will probably lay the foundation for future games to come in the long running God Of war series. The time it took to develop the game, also serves as an indication to the fact that the game may be nearing the end of its development cycle and that we might be treated to an announcement sooner rather than later.

God of War is famous for its hack and slash gameplay and storytelling amongst other things. It will be interesting to see how the game’s story tackles Kratos being a father and the dynamics of his relationship with his son. Famed for being a loner and a man who is directed by his own set of ethics, the new concept and the range of storytelling will no doubt provide for the beginning of an interesting story arc , and will probably add a new dimension to Krato’s character.It is certainly and intriguing possibility, and one which could lead to a compelling story.

I for one am excited about the release of God Of War 4, and can’t wait to see Kratos  kick ass all over gain. Let us know what do you think about this latest development by commenting in the comments section below.