God Of War 4’s E3 Trailer Crosses 15 Million Views , Fans Get New Overture Music

God Of War

There are few games as heavily anticipated as God Of War 4 , there were rumors previously that we may not get to see the game as soon as 2017 , but that all changed when it was announced by Cory Barlog that he had finished the first full play through with the leads. What this meant was that the game was in the pre-alpha stages of development and that a 2017 release was not out of the question.



There are also a possibility that the game will be announced during E3 this year, that is if Cory’s tweets are anything to go by

Furthermore Barlog also announced that new information on the game will be released once its E3 gameplay trailer reaches 15 million views, and at the time of writing this the view count is a slightly north of 15 million, and here is the reveal that we were promised. If you were holding out for a more gameplay footage then don’t hold your breath, as on 15 Million views fans got to listen to the GOW’s overture music which is composed by Bear MCcreary. You can listen to the music by clicking on the tweet below.

It seems it will be quite some time before we finally get an announcement about God Of War 4’s release date , for now though we have to rely on little snippets of information. Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.