God Of War 4: Shooting Almost Complete, Yet Still No Word On Release Date

Kratos god of war

God Of War 4 was a notable absentee at the PlayStation Experience this past weekend, but Cory Barlog of Santa Monica has been actively answering questions and has said that the game has almost finished shooting, however there are still some significant things left to shoot. This implies that the motion capture part of the game is nearly done.

Barlog has been active on Twitter and has been answering a good number of questions on Twitter about the game and Kratos and his relationship with his son amongst other things. However despite saying that the game has nearly completed shooting, he has also added there is still some way to go before the shooting is finally completed and the fans receive a concrete release date. It does seem however Santa Monica is trying their level best to make a game which adds a new dimension to Kratos’s already intriguing story. He also added that he already knew what Kratos’s son will be named



Previously Barlog had stated that God Of War 4 could be the beginning of a new saga for Kratos, and it will be interesting to see how the devs go about creating a whole new universe for the bald destroyer. The lore of God Of War might somewhat be applicable as well in the new game , as even though Kratos annihilated the Greek Gods, there is a possibility that characters in the new norse setting of the game will refer to Kratos as “Spartan” like many other minor characters have done in the previous installments of the franchise.

One thing is for certain though the game will likely be released somewhere around E3 next year , and till then we have to wait to find out how the series will take shape going forward.

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