God Of War 4 May Be Delayed Due To A Lack Of Experts

Kratos god of war

Despite much expectations “God of War 4” may not be releasing next year by the developers, Santa Monica Studio. This is suggested by current reports mentioning that the developer is now perhaps going to launch the installment sometime in 2018 and this is mainly because the developers are lacking the required man power. Further probing revealed that ,indeed might be true since the studio has advertised for a slew of job openings on their website.

However, latest news regarding the release of “God of War 4” is that Santa Monica is unlikely to push the title’s launch to a further date. It was initially though that the game is going to come out next year after Cory Barlog suggested that they were nearly done with shooting. But on the other hand, the recent problems that came up during the development of the game suggests that it might be pushed a year ahead.

This might be bad news for those who have been eagerly waiting for the release of “God of War 4”, there are rumors that say that Kratos will visit the Nine Realms in the plot of the game. Further expectations are that the wife of Kratos will play a major role in the story of the upcoming “God of War 4”. Although, there aren’t much details about her for now but fans expect to get all the details as the game nears its release date.

As this goes on, the experts at Santa Monica Studio strongly believe that to retain the excitement of fans for the release of “God of War 4” they should not be posting teasers and updates on the development, and hence Cory Barlog and co have done a great job in keeping the fans in the dark. previously

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