God Of War 4 : Kratos’s Son Atreus Has His Roots In Greek Mythology

Kratos god of war

Kratos will pay homage to his Greek roots as his son is apparently named Atreus in the new God of War. It was spotted by a fan in the mp3 metadata for the striking overture that played during the game’s E3 reveal, Game director Cory Barlog later confirmed the news via his Twitter account.

If you’re a geek who’s into Greek mythology you may notice that the name seems to ring a bell. Atreus was the son of one of Zeus’ grandsons Pelops (not far off from from our Kratos, who turned out to be one of Zeus’ many illegitimate children). In Greek mythology, Atreus was a king of Mycenae in the Peloponnese and the father of Agamemnon and Menelaus (whom you may recall from the movie Troy). Atreus and his twin brother Thyestes were exiled by their father for murdering their half-brother Chrysippus in their lust for the throne of Olympia. They took refuge in Mycenae, where they ascended to the throne in the absence of King Eurystheus, who was fighting the Heracleidae. Eurystheus had meant for their stewardship to be temporary, but it became permanent after his death in battle.

We have no clue as to whether this Atreus is a portrayal of the same character from the myths or whether it’s just a name that popped into Kratos’ head, the latter being the more likely since they are a long way from Mycenae. The God of War series plays it pretty fast and loose with mythological names and interpretations, as you may have realized from the part in God of War 3 where Kratos rips off Helios’ head and uses it as a flashlight.

Regardless of the sons identity we still don’t know anything of his presumably deceased mother. Let’s hope we get to see an interesting back-story instead of her just being dead, but only time will tell.