God OF War 4 : A Departure From Its Predecessors?

Kratos god of war

God of War has been one of the most influential action games for the past decade. Although I’m not a huge fan of the series, I’ve played all of the games aside from Ascension. The games seem to be focused on fast paced, over the top action sequences and although they manage to execute this fairly well, I find a lot of these action sequences to be slower and a lot more tedious than they should be. Furthermore, the games rely heavily upon quick-time events, although this is common in all hack and slash games, most of them have something to add to this feature to make it interesting whereas the God of War series only offers flashy visuals, which depict the all-powerful beings based on Greek Mythology facing gruesome fates.

However, the new God of War deviates from the usual Greek Mythology-based setting and takes us on a new journey to Scandinavia in a Norse Mythology-based setting. Despite the fact that we’ve seen merely ten minutes of gameplay in the E3 Demo, the game looks phenomenal so far. Graphically, it looks photo-realistic compared to its predecessors. The game takes off as Kratos, with his magnificent beard and an unnamed son he refers to as ‘’Boy’’ determined to impress his father decide to go hunting. God of War offers a new perspective to the player, similar to The Last of Us but with a lot more depth. As we progress through a stunning forest and issue commands to our son, we are introduced to the depth of this new mechanic and it is clear that it isn’t simply a gimmick. Overtime, Kratos’s son will learn new things to evolve and broaden his skill set and knowledge. The combat appears to be slower than the games before but it fits the perspective of the player perfectly and the animations are fluid. One innovative element of God of War’s combat is the ability to utilize his son for assistance in battle, creating a perfect balance between simple yet complex and diverse combat. It is clear that Kratos’s personality has changed quite a bit. He is firm with his son but is also compassionate and wants to see him grow.

The high point of the demo is the fight against a massive troll, towering over our two heroes to crush them under his behemoth stature. The fight turned out to be yet another scripted fight with the only thing to compensate for it being stunning visuals. Possibly the most interesting thing about what the gameplay demo has shown is the change in Kratos’s personality. Previously, he was a berserker driven by rage and an urge to kill all those in his way. We see Kratos release his Berserker Rage to tear off the troll’s tusks and we’ve witnessed his strict attitude towards his son. However, at the final moments of the demo, his son is shocked and disturbed as he finally musters the courage to kill another living being for his own gain and Kratos remains hesitant to comfort him.  Overall, the demo has showcased that in its current state, God of War is a stellar project and I hope it lives up to everyone’s expectations.

That being said, I am especially excited to find out which Gods and otherworldly beings we will see in the Norse Mythology-based setting. I can imagine fierce battles against Fenrir, Fafnir, Odin and Thor, among others. I would also like to see Loki to make an appearance and it would be interesting to find out how they could utilize their source material to form creative and unique gameplay. Although the world seems linear from what we’ve seen so far, a hub world featuring Yggdrasil, the tree of Life, would be quite thrilling to see. One thing I can say for sure is that this game is in no way a re-hash of the previous games or any other game for that matter. The over-the-shoulder third person perspective is a thing of beauty if done right and what we’ve seen so far with Kratos’s magical battle axe is just scratching the surface, there are so many possibilities to explore and directions that this game could go for.  The game will not feature multiplayer like its latest predecessor, Ascension but I don’t think fans will miss this feature much as even the developers admitted that the multiplayer lacked depth and couldn’t even serve as a distraction for players to sink more time into the game. The game will also admittedly not be Kratos’s last adventure; so we can expect many new projects featuring our favorite God of War in the future.

  • Limit Break

    Well, what I saw is basically a God of Us, so… I am not exactly sure why this is even called God Of War.
    Same as I am not sure why all these people keep on calling Condemned 3 a Resident Evil 7.
    Crazy world we live in, right, fellas ?

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      maybe because you’ve seen less than 3% of the game but you seem to act like you have a 100% grip on what the game is and what direction the game is going to be taking!!! genius ¬_¬

      • Limit Break

        Well, E3 is there to show ME, the possible consumer, what your product is all about, basically. They showed me The God of Us, so I make a absolutely logical decision that, in the end, THIS will be what THIS game is all about.
        I am not to blame if the game turns out something else, I judge it by what I was shown.
        If the kid gets viciously murdered in first half of the game and then we’ll play the good old God of War with fixed camera, actual fucking jumping, combos (which there are none, the game doesn’t even have the combo count), Kratos’s voice changes to his old voice actor and we’ll be hunting down the spirit of Athena with her masters… Then I’m all in.
        But right now… This is just The Last of Us.
        And I should not speculate about anything, until I am shown something to speculate over.
        So yeah, that’s how it works, genius ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          you’re actually just idiotic loool!!! like legit idiotic! Everything you have said is stupid bar when things are your opinion such as your preference in voice actor gameplay elements but those can be argued that its an evolution of the game franchise which even me as a lover of GoW can admit was running a little stale.

          E3 is to show you what games are coming and to introduce you to things its NOT to show you the entirety of the game and they havent shown us anywhere near enough to confirm what this game is about! and you’re hilarious in thinking theres no combos and stuff considering the interviews where they’ve spoken about the game! For a fan of the series you really havent researched this game much have you..? And for someone who wants to act “logical” you sure as hell are illogical.

          • Limit Break

            If something is running stale you should let it just die. And then make a entirely new IP if you have new ideas. Because if you just turn one series into another you are making people who liked it before in people who don’t care, like me.
            Also, refrain from calling me a “idiotic”, I can’t remember calling you a product of your mother’s anus.

  • Dr.Ghettoblaster

    As a huge fan of the series from the original on PS2, I can’t WAIT for this. I even enjoyed Ascension which I know is the black sheep of the series, but still a good game mind you. ANY guesimate ETA arrival window of this? I’m guessing late 2017?