God Of War: Lost Pages Of Norse Mythology Teases An Epic Battle With Thor

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A few days ago at the Paris Games Week we saw the latest trailer of God Of War in which the focus was mostly on how Kratos and Atreus function as a unit in combat.

Soon after the latest chapter of “Lost Pages Of Norse Myth” came out . For those of you unaware Lost Pages Of Norse Myth is an ongoing series which gives us more insight into Norse Mythology.

The latest chapter tells the story of “The Dead Stone Mason”. According to the lore there was once a giant stone mason who was known as Thamur who was engaged in a dispute with the Norse God of Thunder Thor. However Thamur was not interested in fighting Thor and instead proceeded to build a wall around his homeland Jotunheimr to protect it’s inhabitants and himself from Thor’s wrath.

However he could not do the task alone and hence he enlisted his son to help, but he was more interested in fighting rather than building. This led to a clash between the two , which saw the son run off into the woods , whilst Thamur gave chase. However before he could find him he came upon Thor himself who struck him down. This caused the giant to crash to the ground and fall on his own chisel , which caused a pulse of ice to be released from his body freezing the town on which he landed.

Now we know that the God Of War series mostly centers around a vengeful Kratos and him hunting down and killing Gods. What if the main antagonist this time around is Odin or his offspring Thor ? While this is mere speculation,there is actually a lot of evidence in Norse Mythology which seems to tie in with the in-game lore so far.

According to Norse Mythology The World Serpent Jörmungandr is Loki’s Offspring by the Jötunn (giantess) Angrboða. Norse Mythology also indicates Jörmungandr and Thor are arch-enemies and we have already seen The World Serpent as an ally to Kratos in the E3 trailer. Furthermore Thor’s father Odin was the one who took Jörmungandr’s siblings Fenrir and Hel and threw Jörmungandr into the great ocean that surrounded Midgard which led to it’s creation as the World Serpent. The lore suggests that the World Serpent will bring about Ragnarok when it releases it’s tail and its sibling Fenrir the wolf will be the one who kills Odin.

There is also a possibility that Atreus might be a given greek name by Kratos for his biological son and in reality he is Ullr the offspring of Sif and an unnamed father which we assume is Kratos. Gameplay videos suggest Atreus is predominantly an archer , and Ullr is also known to prefer the use of a bow and arrow and is an expert archer as well. Hence this might be the early developmental years that we might be seeing in the game Thor is the stepfather of Ullr and this might tie into the story of a vengeful God trying to recover his stepson from his biological father.

God Of War is scheduled to come out in early 2018, you can watch the latest chapter of The Lost Pages Of Norse Mythology below.