God of War Pre-orders Are “Very Soft” Says Colin Moriarty

god of war preorder


God of War is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated titles of 2018. The game which is exclusive for the PS4 will continue the story of Kratos, as this time around he has been thrust into the Norse realm and also has a son called Atreus , who he is mentoring.

Despite being a highly anticipated game it appears that the pre-order numbers for God of War aren’t that good. This is according to  Kinda Funny’s Co-founder Colin Moriarty who recently tweeted the following:

“A trusted industry source tells me that God of War’s PS4 pre-orders are very soft.

Sad to hear. I’m still hopeful (and even confident) that it’ll be great, whenever it comes out.”


before continuing it’s important to understand that this news for now is nothing but a rumor. But perhaps if we were to consider Moriarty’s trusted inside source , the only possible reason that comes to mind is the fact that God Of War does not have a release date yet, and hence it might be a bit premature to say that the pre-order numbers are not what was initially expected. Gamers usually wait for reviews and first impressions from trusted sources and media outlets before they pre-order, and that might explain the supposed low pre-order numbers.

From what we have seen so far God of War looks absolutely stunning and has an intriguing story to match. The addition of Atreus as well offers a new dynamic to the God of War series. In many ways the latest entry in the God of War franchise has the potential to be a fantastic reboot of the series and I have no  doubt in my mind that it will be both a critical and commercial success.

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