New God Of War Info Reveals Hidden Questlines, Magic And The Importance Of Ruins Amongst Other Things

God Of War


God Of War will be coming out around 2018 , and is definitely one of the most highly anticipated titles of next year.

Although the title is scheduled to come out in early 2018 we have so far gained little knowledge apart from select info about the in game lore, and how the gameplay will differ from the previous installments in the series.

In a recent podcast however Cory Barlog and his team from SIE Santa Monica revealed some interesting new information about the game.

They started off by discussing the concept of ruins in Norse Mythology and how the would play into God Of War.

In game the ruins will connect the characters to the worlds magic. If you tattoo a rune to a person for e.g Atreus it will give him the runes power. It also creates a barrier between the player and Kratos. Atreus will also be key to translating the ruins, as they are in Phoenician Alphabets. Atreus will be able to help Kratos as he will be reading and translating ruins to help solve puzzles.

The in game magic in God Of War involves both words, spoken incantations and runes. Earth Magic is described as touching the ground and the environment to cast a spell. There is also the mention of how Atreus will be able to recognize most creatures and recall them from his mothers stories , there is also a talk of an item which Kratos can access through which Atreus can access his mothers memories and recall stories.

The games base language is known as Elder Futhark. There are certain realms of which you will have to translate entire languages to reveal parts of the game, and hidden questlines amongst other things. This definitely goes to show that the lore in God Of War will be extensive.

There were also comparisons made to the Greek and the Nordic Gods. Balrog compared the Greek Gods to politicians who live in marble palaces and like manipulating their subjects into doing their bidding. Whilst in contrast the Norse Gods such as (Æsir, Vanir and Giants) are more humble and down to Earth. The Æsir like to drink , party and fight, and are the most raunchiest amongst the 3. The Vanir are one with nature and the elements and are imbued with magic. The Giants are like artists, who create amazing creations and eventually end up being the ones ending up with the short end of the stick in an eternal war between the Vanir and the Æsir.

So we do have a bit of an inkling of a story line here where the deities are at war with each other, and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds once God Of War comes out in early 2018.