God Of War New Details Revealed In Game Informer Cover



The brand new God of War game that’s coming out this year has gotten more of it’s details revealed via a Game Informer cover. The magazine and the website will be posting content related to God of War throughout the entire month of February, as the cover will be the face of the February issue of their magazine.

The shift from two different mythologies is mainly what is new in the upcoming God of War game, where we’re still with our lovable (at times scary) Kratos but we’ll be gallivanting in the Norse mythology this time instead of  the Greek one that we’re used to. After decimating the Greek Gods and having his revenge in Greece, Kratos has journeyed to Scandinavia in order to seek refuge from his actions. Here, he has married and fathered a child whom he must train and teach his skills, while he seeks redemption in a land that is foreign to him.

There have already been a bunch of gameplay reveals where we’ve seen Kratos in combat (with an emphasis on a different, more concentrated type of combat) with different enemies. Certain characters have also been showcased and how Kratos interacts with them but we’re sure that there is a lot more in the bag for Game Informer to reveal.

With a bunch of questions in mind, there are several things we still have to get to know about. Atreus is a hot topic and what role he’ll play in the game is an exciting aspect to discuss. Along with that, the story that’ll follow the game and the locations that we’ll get to see are important topics to be revealed. A variety of weapons have been confirmed to be in the game but we still have nothing on those (apart from Kratos’ axe and shield).

These unanswered questions along with the fact that we still don’t have a release date yet, the February issue of Game Informer will definitely have a lot of details for us regarding the game. The game is expected to release sometime early this year so the release date reveal is near.

Stay tuned for more!