God Of War Devs Utilized The PS4 To The Max Of Its Capabilities For Physical Based Rendering

God Of War


One of the most highly anticipated games of 2018 has to be PS4’s God Of War. The latest entry in the long running franchise has many gamers excited as the protagonist Kratos heads of for new adventures in the Nordic realms.

For those of you who have seen the gameplay trailer of God Of War can testify to the huge visual upgrade the latest incarnation to the franchise has received. The previous entries in the franchise came out on the PS3 and hence the devs had to rely on cutting edge tech and practices to ensure the jump to the next gen PS4.

While talking to Gamasutra  Principal Programmer Florian Strauss talked about how the team at SIE Santa Monica utilized the capability of the PS4 to its maximum potential.

“We’re aiming for a grounded, realistic style, set in an environment that feels like a real place but with fantastical elements. In order to achieve this look, we needed to make the switch to physical-based rendering”

He continued , “We wanted to read subtle emotions on characters’ faces and used specific technology to help achieve this, such as pose-space deformation, which was previously only used in films, and very accurate lighting to make the characters look right.”

“There is much more power available on the PS4 than there was on the PS3, and the hardware does a lot more in order to hide latency, which required a different strategy for getting the best possible performance,” . “One surprise was that sometimes it was faster to do something brute force than through ‘clever’ optimizations, as it resulted in better pipelining and an overall better performance.”

With God Of War scheduled to come out in early 2018 expectations for the game are sky high , and initial impressions suggest that the game will be nothing short of a slobber knocker.

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