God Of War: Cory Barlog Clarifies That The Player Will Have Direct Command Over Atreus



God Of War is an answer to a plethora of fans prayers and one of the most anticipated exclusive titles on the PS4, When God Of War was first announced in E3 2016 , and if all goes according to plan we will be seeing Kratos and his son Atreus in early 2018.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, Creative Director Cory Barlog shed some light on the creation and production of the premise and Kratos’s Son Atreus. With Kratos finishing off Zeus in God Of War 3 he had finally completed his quest for Vengeance , at the same time though the devs had also finished off a great saga. There honestly wasn’t much left to do with the Greek Mythology, and hence a soft reboot was required , which would come in the form of the re-incarnated God Of War in the Norse Mythology. With Kratos accompanied this time around with his son Atreus.

However Atreus is not just going to be a by-stander in the game , and will have a much more expansive role as Cory Barlog puts it Atreus will be more than just an “escort mission”.

“It’s most definitely not an escort mission,” Barlog said, emphatically. To many gamers there are no two words more reviled than the dreaded escort mission. “It’s more like a military leader and a soldier that he’s teaching and taking under his wing,” Barlog continued. “The player has direct command over Atreus and is trying to guide him through the process, but the kid has his own mind and he is able to handle himself even when you’re not paying attention.” A button (square) on the controller is dedicated to Atreus, which allows players to direct him to different objectives which he will carry out on his own. “What we’re trying to do is kind of tap into that ‘teaching your kid to ride a bike as you run alongside’ thing,” says Barlog.

So it seems Atreus is going to be a lot more involved in the game, and the game is going to touch upon the teacher and student dynamic to better convey it’s story. Which if you ask me is an absolutely brilliant way to start of a new saga for one of the most recognizable franchise’s of the modern era.