God Of War 4’s “Story Takes Place In A Time Well Before The First Vikings”

God Of War

God Of War 4 or the rebooted God Of War if you would like to call it that is one of the most highly anticipated PS4 exclusives. It has also been rumored that it might just be coming out in late 2017 , and many believe that an announcement for the release date at E3 2017 is all but a foregone conclusion.
This time around Kratos will find himself immersed in the Norse mythology, as God Of War 4 is based in a Nordic setting , and is going to probably feature a lot of deities and legends  from Nordic history. This has led many to speculate that we might see the appearance from the likes of Loki and Fenrir.

One fan was curios enough to find out if legendary Vikings such as Ragnar Lodbrok would also be appearing in God Of War 4 , hence he tweeted to SIE Santo Monica’s Creative Director Corey Barlog . The exchange can be seen below.

So there you go it appears that Vikings are apparently not going to be a part of God Of War 4 , however there are still going to be a lot of Norse deities which will be an integral part in the story , hence we have that to look forward too.

Another fan also inquired about the excessive gore found in most GOW games , and whether God Of War 4 will be a bit toned down in contrast. Here is what Barlog had to say about the whole ordeal.

Its kind of hard imagining a GOW game without all the gore and the violence that is what makes the game unique and gives it its own sort of intriguing story line. Kratos is a battle hardened warrior and it only makes sense for the story to take place in dark and violent times , other wise it would only defeat the entire purpose of the game.

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