God Of War 4’s Development Is “Looking Better Everyday” According To Cory Barlog

God Of War

There have been rumors galore regarding God Of War 4 , with the most common one’s being that it is scheduled for a 2017 release. While the latest speculation based on a job posting is that God Of War 4 might include a multiplayer mode. The only God Of War game which ever had a multiplayer was God Of War: Ascension. Hence if it does indeed become a reality it will be a departure from the norm , and a move which I think might be welcomed by the fans of the long running franchise as well.

After a period of inactivity Santa Monica’s Studio’s Creative Director Cory Barlog recently took to Twitter to answer some questions for the fans. Understandably one of the first questions he answered was regarding if there was any news for the upcoming game. Here is how he responded to the said query.

So according to Cory Barlog everything is going along great , and for now it does appear we have to take his word for it. The other query pertains to the hiring of the Senior Multiplayer Programmer and other developers to work alongside the God Of War team. With one of the fans inquiring whether the increased hiring meant that the game was behind schedule and that extra man power was required to get the job done , and if this could potentially lead to a delay in the games release.

Here is how Cory responded to the query

Lets hope we get some more details about God Of War 4(God Of War if you are looking at it as a reboot) at E3. I am hoping they showcase some sort of game play footage ,but I guess we will have to wait for E3 and beyond to get any sort of concrete details regarding God Of War 4.

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