Girls + Gaming = 404 Error Found?


If you have been living under a rock then know this that the gaming industry is the most profitable one in recent years . And if you are one of those people who think or believe that the gaming industry is no place for a girl or a she may be a misfit , then let me enlighten you with not facts but with common sense.

Keeping equality, patriarchy and feminism aside, the female population is no longer limited to a particular industry. One can find women in the automotive industry and one can even find men in the cosmetics industry , well known figures include; Jeffree Star, Manny MUA amongst others

Sharing my own personal experiences .A few months ago, I recently saw an ad for a job  which I was unable to apply to because I’m a girl as it clearly specified ‘only males’ . Now this would have been fine with me , but then I saw the reason why it was males only, and I quote “ Males only cause they know more about gaming and tech in general”. What pissed me off was that even if a girl is looking for opportunities, she will not be able to find a window because most of the men have shut it for them.

However, I would like to enlighten you with the fact that there are many encouraging people in the industry who would let the woman go forth if she deems fit. Irrespective of whether she does or says something wrong, they’ll tell her to rectify and they’ll train and push her to do better. Even if there are a million other people dragging her down, they’ll remind us that ignorance is bliss and that’s what helps us remain in this industry. I mean, why wouldn’t we want to? It is, after all, more profitable and successful than Hollywood and if a woman can reach the moon, then why can’t we play or know about FIFA, Dishonored, Overwatch, League of Legends, Battlefield. We’d rather pick a controller  and battle you and then crush you.

Moreover, I wouldn’t disagree with the fact that women are somewhat responsible for the stereotyping. Firstly, because many would address the laptop as ‘the black one’ rather than ‘the new Alienware 17” gaming laptop with Tobii eye tracking options, 6th Gen Intel Core, Windows 10, DirectX12, Ultra HD 4K display with IGZO’. But so what? So what if a girl is not as informative as you are? Is it a sin? Well how about you enter the cosmetics industry and we degrade you because you called the eye shadow ‘blingy’ instead of ‘metal shadows’ or ‘textured shadows’.

According to an article on The Guardian, 52% of the gamers are actually women and surprisingly, the industry doesn’t know it. Yet it is considered a male-dominated industry but let’s face it, the stats show that a large number of females are into gaming as well.

We are humans just like you are and we would like to game just like you do. But you won’t let us because we’re girls. Excuse my frustration but if our ovaries can be responsible for your existence then why can’t we, as a whole, be responsible for defeating you in a game of Counter Strike?

A girl is as entitled as much  a boy in the gaming industry but with us being pushed down, we are unable to get into the limelight as much as we want to. How about you let your ego down and accept the fact that over the years, women have proved to be more successful than men.