Gifted And Legion To Be Independent Of X-Men Films


Gifted and Legion are to be in the same worlds as the X-Men films but their paths may never cross

In the last few years we have seen a number of Super Hero movies sprung up. Marvel carefully and tactfully paved its way from individual super hero movies to a united front in the Avengers. DC seems to be passing the same path lately. Now it seems that the era of Super Hero shows is upon us. Both Marvel and DC are launching several super hero shows to meet the growing demand for such products.

While we have seen a whole bunch of X-Men movies on the big screen, 20th century Fox decided to bring the adventures to the TV audience as well. The entertainment company has now decided to bring its mutant TV shows to the small screen in Legion and the Gifted.

Like the X-Men movies, both the TV shows are about how young adults find super human capabilities and how they are shunned by the society around them. Legion is a TV show that fans would love to come over. Its about a David Haller a mutant who is diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age. But what makes the story more interesting that Haller is the son of the lead of the X-Men Charles Xavier.

Gifted on the other hand is about a couple who have two children. The children also possess mutations which are discovered by them in high school. The couple feared by what the government might do goes on the run.

While many fans might be hoping that these shows would be interconnected to the Marvel X-Men movies, producer Hutch Parker believed otherwise. He mentioned that these were independent TV shows and has their own space in the X-Men Ethos. As reported by News a Rama he regarding the issue said that “They’re more of their own thing,” H added that “They are in the same world as the films but not directly touching them.