Xbox Is Adding A Nifty New Feature Which Lets You Gift Games.



Ever thought of gifting your best bud a game he wanted on his Birthday or on the Holiday’s?. Well the folks at Xbox might just allow you to do that real soon . The best part is there will be no involvement of physical discs or gift cards.

The Team at Xbox have decided to launch a feature which lets you gift games to anyone in your Xbox Live Friends List or through email. The recipient only need is to redeem the received code through the Xbox Online Store, and some that are available on Windows 10 which support Play Anywhere. The feat however is only available if your a part of the Xbox’s Insider Program.

The Prospect was promised by Microsoft for some time but the concept has been alive for quite some time on Steam, Keys which are handed out bunch of time in many giveaways or to gift it to someone are a regular feature for Steam. The question still remains on how the feature will work when it makes it way to the public. Hopefully there are no hiccups along the way.

The feature is quite handy and  is certainly something which will surely be useful for Holidays and many countless other occasions.

fairplay to the folks at Xbox after Game Pass this is yet another step in the right direction, and it seems that Microsoft is indeed trying its very best to listen and to cater to it’s fans.