Getting The Your Prize Trophy In Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


The Uncharted series has been known for it’s intensely tricky trophies and The Lost Legacy seems to carry on the legacy (yes, that was intended). There is one certain trophy that can only be unlocked by enjoying a certain view in Chapter 4 of the game, the Your Prize trophy only unlocks after you take in the view on top of the Hoysala Empire.

This trophy can be found by playing through Chapter 4 of the game, The Western Ghats. You need to pull out your map and look for the very center of the map and find a tower around it. Once you make your way to the center, the tower is quite distinguishable and you need to go ahead and climb it.

Making your way up the tower won’t be that difficult and once you do get to the top, stay and enjoy the view for a bit and wait for Chloe to finish talking. Even after she completes her dialogue, be sure to stay on top and look at the view, this is how you unlock the Your Prize trophy.

This trophy will immediately pop up afterwards and your patience will be rewarded all the while when you were enjoying the beautiful world of The Lost Legacy. At this point, you can head down the tower the same way you came up or if you want a speedy approach you can go down the lift located inside the tower.

There are a lot of trophies for the The Lost Legacy and getting a Platinum will surely demand time and patience. Let us know if you got the trophy in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned!