Gears Of War Dev Working On A New Perfect Dark Zero Title??



Gears of War an X-Box exclusive franchise has managed to reap significant success in the gaming world. But the success if analyzed closely has shown a declining trend with falling marginal returns. The first three games created a solid foundation for the franchise. Gears of War 4 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition despite some success was nowhere near as successful as to the original trilogy.  Now the franchise’s developer, The Coalition is coming up with supposed new and improved plans for the new generation of gamers.

Coalition is teaming up with Storylab Productions to work on the development of this new project. Currently we know very little of the new installment. What we know is that Coalition is currently calling a hold on any more Gears of War installment and is collaborating with Storylab productions on Perfect Dark Zero. The game was first released in 2005 on the X-Box 360 and is awaiting a comeback ever since.

X-Box despite being successful hasn’t been able to draw the same level of interest as the PS4. This may probably because of the former having a mixture of both exciting and exclusive titles. God of War for instance is a title that has gained quite a traction in the past few years. If the X-Box has to become more successful it should take some risks and try coming up with new and original titles.

Storylab and Coalition are not working together for the first time. The duo has worked on countless Gears of War games as well. The experience of working together might work in their benefit as they would be well aware of their weaknesses and how to address them.

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