Gaming Veteran Ken Lobb Talks About Xbox One Scorpio

xbox one S

Xbox One Scorpio was praised by industry veteran Ken Lobb in the most recent issue of Game Informer. Lobb is a renowned veteran who is currently a creative director at Microsoft , and has in the past worked for Nintendo Of America , and also on the James Bond shooter Golden Eye 007.

When asked what he taught about the new platform he praised its backwards compatibility component.

“What’s new is we’ve figured out how to write software in such a way that it can be better, but still be forward and backward compatible,” .

“The Xbox One S is a good version of this. It’s better than the One. It’s, you know, less than 10 percent better, but it’s better, and that kind of thing was sort of impossible when you go back to the Super NES. We couldn’t have shipped a 10 percent faster Super NES. Most of the games would have broken. They would have run at a different clock rate, and things would have melted down.”

He added: “The way we do software development today makes it possible. How can a PC game run on a laptop and on a Titan X? How is that possible? Well, because developers over the last 15 years-plus have figured out how to make their games scale with hardware.”

In other Scorpio related news Phil spencer travelled to japan recently and he says that many Japanese developers have expressed interest in the Xbox One Scorpio .

Microsoft’s struggles in the Japanese market are well documented , and Scalebound was supposedly going to be the entry that  would finally breach the Japanese market , but so far Xbox One has been a mere spectator in the land of the rising sun.

Scorpio’s arrival coupled with the Xbox Game Pass though could change a lot of things , the subscription service has its detractors but has been praised generally, and if first shipped games do arrive on the service as Spencer hopes for then Microsoft will have a winning combination in Game Pass and Project Scorpio.