Games With Gold For June 2017 Announced: Includes Watch Dogs And Assassin’s Creed 3


Another month brings another slew of exciting games to expand the Xbox Games With Gold library. The games that are going to be free in the month of June 2017 have been recently announced by Microsoft and they include quite a number of good AAA titles. These games will become available throughout the month and will be accessible by anyone with a Xbox Live Gold membership to add to their library. You can find the list of games that are going to be available below, along with their respective dates:


Xbox One:


June 1 – June 30: Speed Runners


June 16 – July 15: Watch_Dogs



Xbox 360:


June 1 – June 15: Assassin’s Creed III


June 16 – June 30: Dragon Age Origins


The recently released remake of Phantom Dust will be getting a DLC multiplayer pack that is going to drop for the Xbox One this month. Hence be on the lookout for that


This month’s lineup will be sure to impress many Xbox Live Gold members as some amazing titles are up for grabs. This would mean that Sony would have to kick up their own PlayStation Plus lineup for June if they want to compete. There have been complains about Sony not providing quality games for their Plus subscribers in the past since the library has been pretty dependent on old indie titles for the last few months. To be honest I find Sony’s online component to be lacking at times, and the selection to choose from is pretty mundane.


We might see some better titles from Sony as we approach the launch of the Scorpio later this year as to counter Games With Gold so be sure to expect better games from the service. Let us know what you think about this month’s Games With Gold in the comments section below!