Gamer becomes the first person to reach level 1000 in Overwatch


A Frenchman named Maxime claims to be the first Overwatch player in the world to reach level 1000. He is better known by his Overwatch name Tazzerk.He posted a picture of his player portrait as proof on Twitter
With the following tweet:
J’y suis enfin, World First lvl1000 sur Overwatch. Prochaine étape : World First gold !
— TaZzeRK (@TaZzeRK) September 3, 2016
which roughly translates to, “I am finally the world’s first level 1000 in Overwatch.”

At level 1000 the player portrait is silver edged with three stars underneath. It is not the last attainable level though. Reaching level 1000 means Tazzerk has opened 1000 loot boxes and has 50,000 amassed credits .
He has certainly spent a lot of time on the game:
“I’ve almost 1000 hours on Overwatch,”
“I play like 16-17 hours per day – except sometimes.”
“I did it because I love Overwatch and the challenge”
Tazzerk is yet to receive any form of formal acknowledgement, That may be because although level 1000 seems like quite an amazing milestone it isn’t the highest attainable level. The final Overwatch player portrait unlocks at level 1890 which may mean that the level caps there.
Tazzerk next target is to race to the peak of the gold tier of player portraits, which begins at level 1300.
Contrary to Tazzerks claims though a player on the Asian servers has been spotted with a golden player portrait (level 1300) with a star underneath (level 1400). A user on twitter shared a picture of the player’s portrait in reply to Tazzerk’s tweet
Tazzerk though believes the Chinese player is a shared account. He argues it’s impossible to be 300/400 levels ahead of him after he commits 16-17 hours a day.
What are your thoughts on Tazzerk’s achievement?