Could A Game Of Thrones Game By Bethesda Really Be Happening?

Game Of Thrones Season 7


With Game of Thrones wrapping up Season 7 and there possibly being a delay in the 8th and final season , fans could be forgiven for thinking that they would not be hearing anything regarding the hit series till 2018.

However rumors have been circulating around which suggest that a Game Of Thrones game might be in development from a renowned entity in the gaming business. The said entity is Bethesda. The rumors come courtesy of a Target listing of the game. Now this might be a convenient mistake, or there might be something more to the story which has given birth to these rumors.

A Game on the Series inspired by the works of George R.R Martin by none other than the famous Publisher of The Elder Scrolls , Fallout and Doom seems like a mouth watering prospect. Initial reports suggest that the series will be an open world RPG, the genre is also coincidentally the reason for most of Bethesda’s success.

Game of Thrones currently has a game in the form of an episodic format by Telltale Games, and although its a great story driven game, it would be interesting to see a full fledged game based upon George R.R Martins universe.Although nothing is certain at this point.In any case if this is real or could be real we could either be in a for a full fledged AAA title or  (I don’t want to Jinx it and its literally killing me to even say this a) mobile game? but prepare for all the outcomes

Its important to remember that at this point this is all just speculation and there has been no official word by Bethesda on the game. Let us know what you feel about the Finale and the possibility of a new Game of Thrones Game by commenting in the comments section below.