Game Of Thrones: Character Set To Make Surprising Return

Season 7 GOT

There had been speculation galore regarding a character’s return on Game Of Thrones Season 7. Gendry – Robert Baratheon’s bastard hadn’t appeared on the show for several seasons, however we now have confirmation that the character will be back next season.

Its been reported that new scenes being shot on what looks like the shore of Dragonstone feature Tyrion Lannister, Davos Seaworth  and none other than Gendry who was last seen on Season 3.

Gendry has finally stopped rowing and is back to the place from where he started off his journey. It seems unlikely that Gendry spent the past four years only paddling around while winter edged closer than ever. There has been rampant speculations among fans who have wondered what Gendry’s been doing ever since he sailed off into the distance, and his return to Dragonstone raises a plethora of new questions. Why has he returned to the place from where he was so eager to escape from? What would anyone want with a Baratheon bastard? Will his return have any impact on the course of the season? What does Gendry have to offer to make his return noteworthy? We’ll only find out once Game Of Thrones returns with Season 7 next year.

What do you make of Gendry’s return? Do you think he’ll have a major impact on the show? Or will his character be insignificant? Let us know about your thoughts and views by commenting in the comments section below.