The Game Modes That Are Going To Be In Lawbreakers- Explained



Lawbreakers is the all-new upcoming fast paced shooter that has generated quite the hype for itself. There are a couple of modes that the game has to offer and some of these bring a lot of new stuff to the table. Today, we’ll detail all of the game modes that will be in the game and what to expect from them:


Uplink is one of the maps that is quite compelling and a bit complex to understand at first. The initial step goal of this mode is to capture a device that placed on the centre of the map, which filled with action and fighting. The second step would be to secure that device back at your base where you’ll have to download the data from the device. You will have to defend the device for approximately 20 seconds before the data download is complete and it will reset every time the enemy captures it again. A total of 3 points is necessary to win the match

Blitz Ball

In Blitz Ball, both teams will try to obtain a giant ball in the middle of the map and then try to score at the opposite team’s goals to earn points. The whole mode is quite familiar to Overwatch’s Lucio Ball event that is happening currently. A total of 8 points is needed to win.


Turf War

Turf War is Lawbreakers’ take on domination but with a much more action-packed mode than regular. Both teams will be fighting to take over control points on the map and will be granted a point for each successfully captured point. The first team to 16 points will be the victor although a tiebreaker can occur if it’s a stalemate at 15/15.



The goal of Overcharge revolves around a single Battery that exists in the Map. Each team must successfully bring the battery to their base and charge it. Keep in mind that the battery retains it’s charge, so if it’s stolen from your base at 99%, you better get it back, fast! Defend the charging battery, and the first team to score two points wins the match. Also if your health runs low, you can recharge at any Station throughout the map.