The Game Awards 2016 Quietly Removes Two Controversial Nominees

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One of the Game Awards most interesting categories is that which celebrates the time and effort invested into making fan-made games. Unfortunately a couple of the frontrunners and notable fan releases this year have been pulled from the race.

The next bit is pretty unsurprising given the fact that both titles are fan games inspired by Nintendo projects the Metroid II remake and Pokemon Uranium. Both projects took years to make thanks to the efforts of groups of enthusiastic fans. It comes as no shock that both were taken down by Nintendo within days of release as the company is notoriously protective of their properties

Despite being taken down though both games initially managed to be nominated for ‘Best Fan Creation’ at The Game Awards 2016, standing amongst the likes of Skyrim mod Enderal: The Shards of Order and DOOM’s Brutal DOOM 64. 

Though that’s where the good news ends as unfortunately NeoGAF users noticed that Pokémon Uranium and AnotherMetroid 2 Remake (AM2R) had been silently removed from the list of nominees.  Meanwhile the event organizers have not given any reasons as to why.

A popular explanation right now is that Nintendo are behind these games removal from the running and it does seem to make sense, although as of now there hasn’t been any confirmation if this is indeed the reason. It’s fair to say Nintendo do have the right to pull a project they didn’t approve if it carries their characters and trademarks. Although from another perspective blocking any chance of major critical acclaim seems like a dick move.

Did you guys manage to enjoy the either or both of the two fan games and what did you make of them? Also what do you think of their removal from the nominees list and Nintendo’s potential involvement in it? Let us know in the comments section below.