Gambit Release Date Finally Announced



Fox seems to be coming out with a bang. Twentieth century Fox shares the chunk of the Marvel universe with Disney and isn’t leaving fans disappointed. Gambit is getting his very own solo film and the release date has just been confirmed to be 14 February, 2019.

Many in the past have tried to produce a standalone Gambit movie but have failed. Director Gore Verbinski, however recently took the helm and got the project going. Gambit is one of the X-Men characters who is extremely popular among the fans. He is known for throwing cards that blow up when they strike an opponent.

Marvel’s Disney has had a lot of success with its super hero films. Fox which initially tried to copy Disney’s production methodology by adding humor with the Disney cuteness failed to work with them. Someone at Fox, however brought them to their senses. Fox entered into a new market. A market that would redefine future super hero movies.

A R Rated version of superhero films have gained substantial popularity. Fox’s Deadpool and Logan where blockbusters. Now Fox after its taste of success has decided to keep the new model intact. Several R rated movies are in the pipeline including Gambit as well.

We expect Fox to entertain the audience again. We have high expectations from the film. One thing that we still are curious about is how Fox will integrate all of its super heroes and villains. While Fox has announced numerous films including Venom and Deadpool an alliance of villains versus heroes would come as quite a surprise to fans.

It will be interesting to see though how Channing Tatum dons the guise of Gambit, the actor does not seem to fit the traditional mold of a super hero, but he may just surprise us yet with his portrayal of Gambit.