Despite An Interesting Premise Hulu’s Future Man Trailer Seems A Little Lackluster



Time travel has been the topic that has gained quite the interest by Hollywood in the last few decades. The concept started off as a fantasy is now being researched into further. The origin of the time travel concept had quite simpler roots, however one has to believe with the technological advancements being made the day isn’t far where humans will be able to time travel.

Back to the Future was one of the first films to adopt the concept. But the movie displayed the concept brilliantly. Marty Mcfly in the Back to the Future trilogy is seen going to the past on countless occasions. The concept evolved as the years went by. Flash is the latest to adopt the concept. While the Flash comics made use of time travel, it was only through the TV show that the concept reached a wider audience. Now as Flash progresses into season 4, we have seen how dangerous time travel can be.

Future Man an upcoming series featuring a Janitor and a hardcore gamer will take the audience a trip down the memory lane giving them a dose of nostalgia. The TV show is said to contain several references to our all time favorite films such as the Terminator, Back to the future and The last star fighter.

But the trailer which is just three minutes long as a hell lot of references from the past. According to the, a show basically thrives on the originality it offers. Too many references of the past may prove to become a double edged sword and may against the show.

The titular character is played by Josh Hutcherson and although Future Man seems like something which could have been really promising it looks a bit clichéd . Future Man comes out on 14th November on Hulu. Check out the trailer below