Microsoft In Search Of “Full On And Timed Exclusives” For Xbox One



Microsoft has been very weak in the exclusives department in recent times when comparing it to Sony and Nintendo. The Xbox One has relatively few exclusives and when compared to the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn for the PS4 and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Switch, the exclusive library is almost non-existent in terms of quality. However it seems that Microsoft is actively working to fix this issue, according to a recent reports.

The company are ready to spend money on securing exclusives for the Xbox One, whether they be major or minor, and they’re going for both full-on and timed exclusives. All of this info comes from the ResetERA forums where a developer from an indie studio (Flashbulb Games) posted about the issue.

“Without going into too much detail, I know for sure that Microsoft have got their cheque book out and are actively seeking out both smaller and larger titles they can get as an Xbox exclusive, both timed and full on.”

This is very positive news as the system is in desperate need of exclusives for it to sell. The newly released Xbox One X might be the most powerful console on the market right now but with the PS4 and Switch offering incentives such as God of War, The Last Of Us Part II and Super Mario Odyssey, it is hard to not look the other way.

There isn’t any official confirmation regarding this so this shouldn’t be taken any more seriously than a rumor, as of now. However think about the Xbox One X coupled with a couple of amazing exclusives, that would go a long way to bring the Xbox brand back into the competition again.

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