PSN And XBL Free Multiplayer Weekend Begins Today


Irrespective of the free weekend events that were held in the past, Sony is going to permit the owners of PlayStation 4 to play online even if they do not have a PS Plus membership but only for one whole week.This comes on the heels of Microsoft announcing a similar free multiplayer weekend to go along with the chance to play Rocket League and NBA 2k17 for free as well.

The deal opens up todayin North America i.e. the 17th of February 2017. During the free weekends, PS4 owners will be able to access the online mode of any game which will basically need a Plus subscription. On the contrary, you are unlikely to receive any other perks of Plus such as access to the month’s free games.

The online access for multiplayer in North America will be live at 12.01 AM PT/3 AM ET on the 17th of February till 11.59 PM PT on the 23rd of February. For those residing in Europe, the event is going to be slightly shorter than the ones residing in North Americas because it’ll be up and live from 10 AM GMT on the 22nd of February till 11.59 PM on the 26th of February.

The first console of Sony to need a Plus membership to game online is PS4. The company explained in 2013 that this was because of the huge investment of resources that the company has put into the services that it offers online. In the previous year, the Plus membership increased its price for the very first time in USA and Canada. It increased by $10 from $50 to $60.

So what are you waiting for grab those controllers and game the weekend away.