More Free To Play Games For PS4 Pro, Xbox One X And PC Players, Says Mark Robinson



Mark Robinson delves deep into free to play titles for Next Gen consoles such as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

In current years, the games which run under the free-to-play model have received a powerful presence on various platforms and even though currently the F2P user prevails on mobile devices and PC, the case might be that the market for these games can achieve more in the sector, as per the analyst Mark Robinson.

The CEO and co-founder of deltaDNA, Mark Robinson, gave his point of view on the possibilities which free-to-play games may have in an environment which is overpowered by PS4 Pro and the upcoming launch of Xbox One X, during an interview with GamingBolt, which is a company that concentrates on data analysis and real-time marketing elements. Here’s what his words were:

“From a F2P perspective, upgraded higher powered consoles can only be a good thing because we know that the better the hardware the better the conversion rate and monetization. This is a trend we’ve particularly noticed in mobile phones, as they have evolved.”

During the interview, the analyst put light to the fact that even though the existence of free-to-play games for now is more on PC than on other consoles, there is no reason why it must not reach towards other consoles. Here’s what he said:

“We don’t see any real difference between how developers should tailor their approach on PC compared with console.”

Lastly, Robinson mentioned that the firms which are included in the model free-to-play may seek to enter consoles and increase their reach by making players aware and engaging them with the titles. Here’s what he said:

“What’s key is making sure the onboarding is right. You’ve also got to see how players engage with the game and make targeted interactions based on each individual player experience, and you need to make sure your monetization mechanics aren’t cannibalizing each other. You also need to ensure you’ve got a good core monetization loop, which is the same whether it’s a PC, mobile or console F2P game.”

The upcoming console, Xbox One X, is going to be made available for all on the 7th of November 2017.