Forza Horizon Devs Playground Games Confirm New Project Is An AAA Open World RPG



Earlier this year Forza Horizon devs Playground games announced that they had a plan to branch out beyond the Forza Horizon games.

In February the devs announced that they had a plan to open a second studio for development on a new IP that was non-racing. The new IP was codenamed Project 2 and it was later revealed today that the game will be some sort of RPG however there have been no further details as you would expect at this point in time.

There had been rumors going around that the new project from the Forza devs would be an open world RPG and it seems that they were true. The reveal came as part of a confirmation from Playground games who have secured a new premises at St Albans House in Leamington Spa. Which is a mere half a mile away from their current space.

The devs will be occupying the entire building with an addition to their staff who were previously 115 in number, but now are 120 as they dive knee deep into the realms of their as of yet unannounced AAA RPG.

We are recently seeing more and more studios step out of their comfort zones in order to try something new. We saw Ninja Theory taking a risk which paid off superbly with Hellblade and they are now reaping its benefits as they game has gone on to earn more than $13 Million in revenue. Similarly Playground games are venturing into new territory by developing an open world RPG.

Playground Games have earned quite a reputation with their Forza Horizon series receiving critical acclaim and it will be interesting to see if their open world RPG follows suit.

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