Forza Franchise Exceeds $ 1 Billion In Retail Sales

forza 3 dead racer

Its fair to say that Forza Horizon 3 was a huge success by anybody’s standards, and can be termed as one of the best racing games of the modern era.Now it appears that there is more good news as the franchise has passed the $ 1 billion mark in retail sales.

“Today, we’re excited to share a major milestone – as of December 2016, the Forza franchise has exceeded $1 billion in retail sales.”

With such news, we can easily say  that the Forza franchise of Xbox is doing good business and had an amazing year. As per December 2016, the players intricate in the community of Forza on Xbox One and Windows 10 were more than 14 million and that too unique ones. Forza Horizon 3 has won several awards and has sold almost 2.5 million units due to which Forza is able to carry on their best-selling racing franchise of this console generation, as per Nov’12-Jan’17 stats in the NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

In addition to this, the online racing community of Xbox grew substantially with more than 3 million players joining them online per month and this was when Xbox launched the Forza Racing Championship; an eSports league for players of all skill levels to compete for glory and international prizes.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox brought light to the news;

“Since the beginning, Forza has combined stunning graphics, racing’s leading simulation engine, and an emphasis on fun and accessibility. With the Forza series, Turn 10 Studios has built the world’s largest racing community. We couldn’t be more proud of their success.”

The whole team of Xbox thanked its fans and partners, on the website for their constant support and loyalty. They also said that they’re eager to show the fans and partners their newly executed ideas for the following year.

Forza Horizon 3 was a masterpiece , and the franchise deserves all the success that’s coming their way.