The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow Team up For an Alien Menace


Previously these three came together for a shoot for Entertainment Weekly, and now they have a trailer out in which they team up to go against the aliens that are creating havoc in their cities. The first trailer was not only thrilling but very exciting as well; creating the hype and the exhilaration for fans around the globe to come together!

The second trailer for this forthcoming crossover between the three heroes; The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow has FINALLY been unveiled and it features the highly bothersome aliens i.e. the Dominators. Fan favorites DC vigilantes are now teaming up in order to go against these mind-controlling aliens a.k.a. the Dominators. The species plans to eliminate the three super heroes so that they are able to create turmoil (as if there wasn’t enough already) among the earthlings.

This “Heroes vs Aliens” crossover of four nights begins from The CW’s Supergirl on Monday November 28th and keeping in mind the first look at the creepy jade green-ish earth invaders, this second teaser even suggests that there might be very few initial speed bumps in the relationship between The Flash (Barry Allen) and Green Arrow (Oliver Stone).

The clip of 44 seconds starts off with everyones favorite super-nice Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash discovering the mothership of the Dominators and obviously….freaking out… just a tad bit (or not). After this, he recovers his self-control and realizes or decides that he is not going to be able to beat this alone. Therefore, seeks help from Green Arrow, Supergirl, White Canary, Firestorm to team up and fight this threat to keep the citizens of Star City safe. But things get even worse when another ship makes its way towards town.

And obviously, it won’t be Arrow and the Flash if there wasn’t any bickering among the two during a teamup and/or crossover. The usual can be seen at around the 20 second mark in this 44 seconds trailer.

“You really did it this time, you ask for my help and then we end up, up the creek!” Oliver tells Barry.

Perhaps this is the reason why Green Arrow will not be making an appearance in the musical crossover episode of Supergirl and The Flash.

If you’ve been waiting for the four-night crossover of “Heroes vs. Aliens” then wait until November 28th and on that day, tune in to the CW to experience the super-heroes take against the Dominators.