‘The Flash’ Season 3, Episode 2 Review: ‘Paradox’

The Flash

This week’s episode of The Flash hit it off pretty well as compared to the premiere. In Paradox the consequences of Barry’s alteration of the timeline are revealed. Although Barry’s back to the original timeline, things aren’t exactly the same as before.

While attempting to change the timeline once again, Barry is dragged out of the time travel by Earth 2’s Flash who warns him of the disastrous consequences of changing the timeline. Moreover, Dr. Alchemy – this season’s big bad villain was introduced. Apparently Dr. Alchemy has the ability to grant powers which makes him significantly different than the previous antagonists on the show.

The character of Julian Albert played by Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter) was finally introduced. Albert is Barry’s partner at work. and hee’s “the best” CSI has, according to Caitlin and Cisco. He apparently hates Barry as he believes that Barry is hiding something and can not be trusted.

In order to put everything back together without having to change the timeline, Barry tells the truth about Flashpoint to everyone. Although it was a lot to take in, the team finally puts their differences aside following Barry’s reveal about the Flashpoint. Joe and Iris get back on speaking terms, Cisco cuts Barry some slack and Iris and Barry decide to pick of their relationship from where they left it. One major reveal around the end of the episode was of Caitalin’s as she somehow has powers similar to those of Killer Frost.

Also, Barry fought ‘Rival’ once again who miraculously gets his powers back from Dr. Alchemy. Barry and The Rival fight it off once again, with Barry defeating him with the help of Cisco. Rival is sent to Iron Heights where he’s killed by Dr. Alchemy who’s angry at the speedsters failure.

All together, Paradox was a really good second episode. The introduction of Albert and Dr. Alchemy were the most significant additions, and it will be exciting to see how their characters are further developed into the show. What did you make of this episode? Was it any good? Are you looking forward to the remainder of the season? Let us know about your thoughts and views by commenting in the comments section below.