Flash Review; Killer Frost, Savitar, Kid Flash and Alchemy

Barry Allen

This week’s Flash in a nutshell: Caitlin has a wild night out as she lets loose Killer Frost before Barry reaches out to bring her back,  Savitar aka The Godspeed is freakin OP, The delightfully charming Julian Albert is apparently Dr Alchemy, Wally’s dreams come true and he gets powers and Julian forces Barry to quit the Central City P.D. to keep Caitlin’s secret after she kidnapped him.

So let’s start off with Killer Frost, Caitlin Snow’s maniacal alter-ego took up most of the show and it’s fair to say she didn’t disappoint. Much of season 3 for Caitlyn has been her battle to keep her Killer Frost powers at bay, but when she decides to save Barry from being annihilated by Savitar  she inadvertently let’s Killer Frost take over. The Flash has finally given Caitlyn a much more complex storyline instead of keeping her on as a lab monkey who’s just there to sow up Barry after every scratch. Seeing her battle her inner demons while trying to keep the darkness that comes with her powers at bay is some darn good character development. Danielle Panabaker certainly enjoyed the role and did a good job showing off the stark contrast between the kind, dull and loving Caitlyn Snow and the playfully evil Killer Frost. Albeit the scene where Barry reaches out to her inner morals seemed a bit cliché, it did have a good feel to it and in the end Caitlyn decided to add the meta human dampening cuffs back to her wardrobe.

Young Wally West spent most of this week’s episode in a giant cocoon right before Joe decides to prematurely saw him out. In the end we finally get to see Wally get his much awaited powers and begin his characters transition into Kid Flash which is sure to be a really interesting journey.

So after initially coming off as a total douche we saw some nice bonding between Tom Felton’s character Julian Albert and Barry, which has led to some nice character growth the past few weeks. Well surprise, surprise! Julian is Dr Alchemy. If they’re straight up looking to turn him into a bad guy that would be sort of disappointing but he did look sort of reluctant and uneasy when he heard Savitar so we’ll just have to wait and see where his story arc ends up.

The season’s main villain is apparently the badass looking freak Savitar ‘The Godspeed’ who is much faster than any other speedster we’ve seen so far. We’ve still seen very little of Savitar and have little to no background knowledge about him, but it’s sure to follow in the next few weeks. We do know however that he has plans for Caitlin, which means we’ve certainly not seen the last of Killer Frost.

In order to keep Caitlin’s secret; Barry agrees to quit the Central City Police Department after Julian leaves him with no choice. Barry should return to the CCPD at some point since being a CSI is a major part of the character’s identity, even in the comics, but having him try something else for a while could actually hold some dramatic potential or just be funny if nothing else. Nevertheless it does seem like Julian isn’t exactly the best judge for who is a “good” guy, right?