The Flash And The 100 Creators Are Teaming Up For A Wild New Show

The Flash

Greg Berlanti is at the epicenter of good TV series for many years now, reasons being due to successful running series Arrow and The Flash, which are aired on The CW. Of course, one can’t forget his next genre-bending project. Recent news suggest that Berlanti Prods are teaming up with The 100 creator, Jason Rothenberg, for a crazy mystery drama called Searchers. And yes, it will air on The CW.

Searchers, not to be confused with one of the best films ever, will center on a group of people who take on the unforeseen roles of heroes as their lives head in a completely new direction. A rationale disapproved of a man and his protester sister meet up, regardless, 10 years after the passing of their folks, when perplexing stories their mom told them were far nearer to reality than they suspected.

From that point, a universe of unexplained myths, puzzles and legends are opened for the kin. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Assuming the shocking deaths is kept to a minimum at first. And that they get Tom Cavanagh involved.

Jason Rothenberg will give his written work a brand new life, in visual format, as indicated by Deadline, and Searchers will likewise brand him as an official maker nearby Berlanti. The venture does in fact seem like an appropriate pounding of both makers’ interests.

The 100 is about characters making wild revelations about a world that escaped them, while Legends of Tomorrow deals with an entire “individuals who wouldn’t generally collaborate meet up to go up against unprecedented conditions”. This will be Rothenberg’s first huge venture since The 100 debuted – it’s currently in transit to Season 4 – and it’s a damnation of an energizing one to keep running with.

We’re not certain as to what extent we’ll be looking forward to hear if Searchers will impart its insider facts to whatever is left of the world. The CW is currently airing Season 3 of The Flash on Tuesday evenings, with Season 4 of The 100 set to make a big appearance in the middle of the season.

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