Fixes of Mass Effect Andromeda Coming Right Up! Says Bioware

Mass Effect

Mass Effect Andromeda is developer  Bioware’s  newest arrival in the famous sci-fi series, and  is perforated with issues, starting from facial animations to some odd glitches. Bioware is not giving out news of the plans it has to bring about some crucial fixes and probably bring back some fans that have been disappointed by the game.

The general manager of Bioware, Aaryn Flynn, has said that there are arrangements for fixes for the near future and the farther one, this is going to range from a new patch that comes out Tuesday to address “technical fixes (crashes, improved performance),” to “ongoing improvements” to be released over the next two months. This is going to comprise of providing the people with more options in creation of character, making continuous improvements to all the hair of characters’ and general appearance, improvements in cinematic scenes and animations, and making better the male romance options for Scott Ryder.

There are short-term fixes coming up on Thursday which will comprise of giving you the opportunity to skip ahead while you travel among planets in the galaxy map, the improvement will be of how the eyes of the human and asari characters look like and also enhancing the limit of inventory, improvement matchmaking modes of multiplayer and last but not the least, fixing Ryder’s movements while running in a zig-zag pattern. Here’s a video for a clear perspective:

More details of the Patch Notes were given by Bioware but the big conclusion is that the team behind the game is listening and is willing to make the game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, even better but not just for the fans who purchased it at the launch of the game but probably willing buyers who were scared off by some of the inverse coverage the game has been received.

Flynn has added some more additions to these fixes to the APEX multiplayer missions including new maps, characters and weapons.

Will these fixes let you be glad about Mass Effect: Andromeda? What else is required? Let us know in the comments section below.