Find Out Why Deadpool Won’t Be in The New Wolverine Movie

Deadpool 2

There is an update with respect to the upcoming Wolverine movie given to us by the actor that plays the character of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds. There were speculations that said that Deadpool will be seen on the big screen next to Wolverine in the new movie. This has been proved by Reynolds who clarified via a tweet on 29th December 2016 why this is not going to happen, see below:

Basically, the actor Ryan Reynolds spoke up in order to affirm to the public that his character i.e. Deadpool will not be seen in the upcoming Wolverine movie, Logan

The above tweet includes a reference to Jean Valjean (character that plays Wolverine) acted by Hugh Jackman in Les Miserables.

Deadpool, as we all know, is a character that is immensely casual and Wolverine is a character that isn’t casual at all – he’s tough and strict. Therefore, the collaboration between the two may seem a bit odd, if it ever happens.  At least I am not hoping for Deadpool to appear alongside Wolverine, no.

A report on 29th December 2016 with The Wrap showed that Reynolds was witnessed shooting a scene as Deadpool for Logan which was probably a post-credits scene. We weren’t lied to because even the director, James Mangold, denied the appearance of Deadpool in the movie.

The movie, Logan, comes out next year in March. Whereas, the Deadpool sequel doesn’t have a release date as of yet but we do know that the director, Tim Miller, of the first movie has recently dropped out. Although he was on board for its sequel.