Final Fantasy XV Sales In Mainland China Exceeds Expectations

Final Fantasy 15

At the 2016 China Internet Cultural Industry Annual Conference (CICC) which was recently held in the Beijing China World Hotel, Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. President Soeda during his keynote speech, pointed out that the games sales in mainland China were second only to number of units sold to Japan..

The speech to introduce the host included the specific hardware and software products are already on sale, the market feedback, the next plan etc. There was a particular reference to the national version of “final fantasy 15” as the first to reach the 3A level masterpiece with simultaneous release around the world, but also in mainland China sales were satisfying for the entire region which is significant for the domestic game industry. Although no specific numbers have been released so far, being second only to Japan is a very exciting feat.

Additional new concept products for the PS VR was also one of the priorities in his speech, this new gaming experience is to attract a large number of mild users for the PS4. In the face of the out of stock situation for the widespread market, Tian Tianwu again clarified that this is not ‘hungry marketing’, and they have to make the maximum possible supply of all the market. Since domestic demand is often far beyond their expectations, from next year they plan to gradually increase the supply, to reduce the short supply market conditions for the PSVR.

So what do you make of FFXV having a phenomenal response in China , let us know in the comments section below.