Final Fantasy 15 Developer Hajime Tabata’s Newest IP Is Targeted For The Upcoming Generation Of Consoles.

Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy 15 released in Late 2016 and from till today the game still gets regular updates and new DLC content and other related projects and with that its anyone’s guess how strained the team could be which goes same for its director too.

Now Eurogamer got to interview Tabata in the Square Enix offices in Japan where the director detailed on the future of the team and the projects they are leading. He started off with how the development is shaping up and the issues concerning the fans while discussing the problem he showcased his signature trait on being straight with complaints and other issues regarding the game and the fans he commented “There are people out there with the opinion that there’s stuff we released after the game came out that should have been there in the start – that’s fair enough, and I think it’s a fair opinion – but there’s just no way we could have done that physically.” Stating that a further delay would be impossible and the time limit that had been set was already quite straining.

Another interesting topic which he discussed that the team is working on a brand new IP which surprisingly is slated to launch on the Next Generation of Consoles potentially the PS5 or the Next Gen Xbox. Now many like me must think he must know when the consoles are coming? No he doesn’t sadly but he has an estimated window set according to the project and while the project is still in its early stages.It was impossible for him to share any more details on it except its existence and that it will run on the  Luminous Engine. While almost all of the team at Square Enix are working on the multiplayer expansion for FF15 its Windows and Pocket editions or the spin off for VR,they have allocated 20-30 people to work on the new IP.

He added that, We’ve done a lot of investigation – about how the online functionality will work, moving away from dedicated games machines to cloud processing, how we could use those. A lot of the groundwork was done with Final Fantasy 15 – so we’re in a good position for going into the main development.”

Well one thing is clear that Square Enix is truly confident in Tabata trusting him to develop yet another game. Which is something worth getting excited for.