Final Fantasy 14 Is The Target Of DDoS Attacks



Had trouble logging into Final Fantasy 14 servers past weekend? So did everyone else. Final Fantasy 14 servers were unreachable for most player this past weekend. Square Enix has now stated that the issues were due to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. 

The attacks started on June 16th, the day Stormblood (the second expansion for the game) went live. Players eager to enjoy the expansion logged on this past weekend only to find out that the servers were all filled up. Even the queues to log in surpassed 6000 players. The congested proper have even affected the base game, increasing load times and making certain quests impossible to complete. 

The Stormblood expansion was released yesterday officially. Access requests due to the DDoS are still occuring as of today. Despite Square Enix’s attempts, the problem still seems to persist. Square Enix has said that it’s technicians are hard at work trying to defend against the issue and solve the problem but “they are continuing to take place by changing their methods at every moment.” 

Thankfull, they have assured players that all their character data and private information associated with their accounts is safe and has not been affected.