FIFA 18 Receives Backlash From Players For Issues In-Game



FIFA 18 has been the center of criticism since the #FixFIFA campaign was launched after the Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco gained notoriety. FIFA fans started their own boycott of the game to make sure that EA sees to their demands like they did with Battlefront 2 (which got quite the negative attention). Players urged each other to not get any in-game purchases in FIFA 18 until EA addresses the problems that are in the game.

It was  reported by Games Industry and Polygon that players are unhappy with the glitches present in the game along with other issues such as cheats and balancing problems. The real issue erupted when players stated that FIFA Ultimate Team has become another way for EA to earn money through microtransactions. The mode forces you to spend money to save time and it is just what caused the Battlefront 2 controversy.

“The balance has shifted from a good game with microtransactions to one where you kind of need to spend money to save time, unless you’re super lucky or one of the greatest players,”, this is what Youtuber Goran Popovic had to say to Polygon.

EA earns a lot through microtransactions from FIFA 18 and this campaign is sure to hurt them a lot. It has been observed that they have doubled their profits from in-game microtransactions from FIFA 18 when compared to other games because of it’s popularity and no significant criticism regarding the lucrative system in the game.

SuperData was the source for the data which proved that FIFA 18 microtransactions were increasing. It was reported that players were spending a lot more money in-game continuously in a lot of game where the lootbox system is incorporated, although there are exceptions to this when revenue generation wasn’t so good with games through microtransactions.

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